this isnt real

17. stereotypically sad teen.


Chanel S/S 2015
+ February 1st, 2014 playlist


  • Baby come home- the neighbourhood
  • daydreaming- paramore
  • everytime- foals
  • Lisa baby- Walk the moon
  • Lights out, word… - bombay bicycle club
  • one for the road- arctic monkeys
  • lovesick- peace
  • crashland- twin Atlantic
  • post break up sex- the vaccines
  • sweater weather- the neighbourhood
  • 505-…

Mi-Young Choi (b. South Korea, resides London, UK) - Enlightenment, 2013     Paintings: Oil on Canvas


if i was your boyfriend i would do so much cute stuff. i’d bring you soup when you were feeling sick, i’d rub your tummy when you got cramps, i’d wake you up in the middle of the night dressed as an eagle shouting abstract poetry at my own dick

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